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16 Responses to Home

  1. davia says:

    year 4 went to kew gardens and we had a plant expert roger who also used to work there also roger lead us through we all had a nice time.

  2. spicr says:

    Year 4 went to kew gardens with an expert roger howard!we ate lunch in a gigantic tent we had loads of fun.

  3. lipte says:

    On the 18th of October 2017 Yr4 went to Kew Gardens.Roger Howard came with us because he used to work there and he’s an expert.He showed us around the beautiful place and it was AMAZING!My favorite part was when we climbed the tree top walk because it had a fantastic view and it made me feel as if I could spread my wing and learn to fly.

  4. lestc says:

    On Wednesday, The rose parakeets (year 4) Went to Kew Gardens, they brought their Plant Expert, Roger Howard.They Went Onto The Treetop walk, Some people were HORRIFIED of heights.So they had to hold Rogers hand.

  5. boula says:

    On Wednesday 18th October year 4 went to Kew gardens with their plant expert Rodger Howard.

  6. whelf says:

    We went to Kew gardens and we saw loads of trees and leaves from the Amazon.

  7. clarb says:

    Year 4 went to Kew Gardens and we saw a venus fly trap and a peacock with our expert
    Roger Howard he used to even work there

    Robin Stevens came to visit year 4 and we even made our own murder story plot with her

  8. geeh says:

    we were so lucky to get a visit from a real author called Robin stevens.Who wrote the murder most unladylike series.She even signed our books and gave us badges.She loves mysteries and so do i.

  9. anjul says:

    Yr4 went to Kew gardens on Wednesday 18th October 2017 and we saw cat fish longer than an arm!

  10. bower071.31 says:

    This week we went to kew gardens.Roger Howard came with us and gave us a tore.We went on a treetop walk.It was free standing so it wobbled.

  11. peppm says:

    On Wednesday 18th October Yr 4 went to Kew gardens with the expert roger Howerd . We went on a tree top walk its to feel how trees feel in the air. In the chinese house you only have a sleeping bag and a pilow filled with wood chips.

  12. hellj says:

    Year 4 went to Kew Gardens on Wednesday 18th October i loved the titan arums.

  13. anjua says:

    Year 4 went to Kew Gardens.They went with their excellent gardener,Roger Howard because he used to work there.At Kew Gardens we went on a high bridge called the tree-top walk and had lots of fun.We also had an author visit from Robin Stevens.She told us all about her story writing and inspired me and most other people to write murder mystery stories.On Thursday we went to Kingston Academy for samba music with Miss Miss Madden.

  14. sohaj says:

    We went to kew gardens and and ate in three huge tents it was the best.The second best thing was the tree top walk.

  15. galal says:

    Year 4 went on a fabulous school trip to Kew gardens, Richmond.We went with plant expert, Roger Howard . First he took us to the tree – top – walk – way then to the cactus house and we saw a giant piranha, a wood eating catfish and a lizard. We then went to the hive ( but not with real bees.)

  16. fedca1 says:

    On wednesday 20th October Year 4 went to Kew Gardens.First we went to the Treetop walk.Next we went to the Glass house(there was lots off cacti.) Then we went to the hive.We then had lunch.We had it in a masive tent. Finaly we went home

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